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We have established both Global Health Travel and Education Fund accounts. These funds created through the efforts of the Office of Global Health, are to assist students with travel in state, to different regions, across the  nation and the world to further their education.  The purpose of this travel would be that students can travel overseas to have first-hand experiences with underdeveloped countries, to enhance their education and help them develop their perspectives on health care decision making. To stimulate them to make this their career or to facilitate this work for themselves and others and to inspire those to remember what true healing and healthcare is about.

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to either of these funds, please feel free to contact our office for guidance.

Make a gift today to support the UAMS Global Health Programs

The new Office of Global Health was launched March 2012, with investment funds provided by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  The UAMS Global Health Programs must increasingly rely on private support in order to advance its mission.  Thank you for your pledge of support today. Please specify “My gift is for: Office of Global Health.